Urban Executive is a leading provider of Global Assessment Solutions.  Urban Executive utilises a number of frameworks for its psychometric analysis including Hogan Assessments, TalentClick and Assessio.

We provide and partner with a range of highly credentialed organisations and individuals to complement our own internal processes in delivering excellence to our clients.

Services are offered for all Assess Solutions on a per transaction arrangement with support and debriefing provided on agreement with each client as to what they require. A range of testing assessment services are listed below.

Urban Executive also provides a full Assessment Centre Framework for its clients utilising a range of indicators and frameworks to validate roles and will make recommendations on the suitability of frameworks for each candidate for your need.

Our frameworks also include the award winning Integrity Assess TM which carefully matches candidates to your organisational indicators included in general Selection Criteria and Values endorsed by your organisation.

Integrity Assess ©   is a web based personality test that measures fundamental personal characteristics that are important in different types of jobs. It is based on the multi-factor model of personality and integrity which is the most empirically robust and well documented approach to measuring personality and integrity traits today.

Measuring and Assessing individual Potential, is a personality test based on the Five Factor Model of personality, which is the most robust and well documented measurement of personality.

Matrigma is a classic cognitive ability test built on a modern and secure web platform. The predictive power of Matrigma makes a unique contribution to other selection criteria.

Matrigma measures cognitive ability, which concerns a person’s ability to solve problems, plan ahead and draw logical conclusions.

Employees are the new competitive edge, and more companies are racing to acquire top talent before their competitors do. Finding and retaining top performers is more than just finding the right person with the right skills; it also involves finding the right “fit” and providing the right training.

These assessments include a variety of scales that create profiles to reveal competencies, derailers, values, reasoning skills and leadership characteristics. Hogan Assessments can help HR and senior management understand the underlying sources of employee behaviours.

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